Here’s why you should be journaling for mental health too!

What is journaling? – Journaling is a tool that allows one to reflect on complex thoughts and emotions while promoting a positive thought process and self-talk. It generally involves keeping a diary or journal in which you can reflect on your thoughts and feelings about the things going on around you. Journaling usually takes place at a specific time each day, unique to each individual’s lifestyle. Some find it therapeutic to journal their thoughts at bedtime, while others find that journaling on a quiet breakfast table helps them to shape their day in a more productive way. It’s up to YOU!


Reflective journaling for teachers

The Mindfulness & Lifestyle Journal and Planner for Teachers aims to assist teachers, both newly trained and experienced, who are unprepared for the social and emotional demands of the classroom.
When used consistently, it assists teachers when dealing with conflict in the classroom, in the staffroom, as well as with school administration. Thus, it can help one feel more in control, which, in turn, leads to better job satisfaction.